Design Battle History

While the origin of the Design Battle is currently unknown, the first documented throwdown took place when Paul Rand challenged Saul Bass to duel at a party. In the year 2013 A.D., AIGA-GMU hosted their second annual “Design Battle” in Fairfax, VA; students fought through four elimination rounds and were judged by notable DC designers.

This time around, nclud is flipping the script and putting the professionals to the test. Five valiant designers will test their skills and four will be thrown from the thrones by their peers from competing creative agencies.

They Will Be Watching

  • Nick DiMatteo

  • Ted Irvine

  • Rebecca Machamer

  • Laura McGuigan

  • Ross Nover

  • Mike O'Brien

  • Carolyn Sewell

  • Ashleigh Axios

  • Nick Whitmoyer

  • Señor Tucker

  • Judging Your Every Move

  • Nick is a freelance designer & developer with over a decade of web development & design experience. Coming from an agency background, he recently took the leap into full-time freelancing & has been helping make the web a prettier place.

  • Ted is the Director of Design at Vox Media, leading the creative direction and brand management for properties like SB Nation, The Verge and Polygon. He's a badass.

  • Rebecca is a UI Designer at Webs and primarily focuses her attention on Pagemodo, a social marketing suite for businesses. She's obsessed with Xbox, her dogs, and wine.

  • Laura has been a designer of varying capacities for almost 10 years. She's lent her talents to non-profits, private corps, agencies and is now Design Lead at the startup TrackMaven. She also needs a fall intern.

  • 'Rosscott' is an interactive designer with too many other projects. He is co-founder of Friendly Design Co, Co-host of Super Art Fight, and Co-mic maker of The System. Co, Co, Co, Co.

  • Mike is a screenprinter, interactive designer and illustrator living in Washington DC. For a living, he designs digital things at a little agency called iStrategyLabs.

  • Carolyn is Chief Doodler at Carolyn Sewell Design. She's been published in Communication Arts, GRAFIK, HOW, GDUSA, CMYK, UPPERCASE and been awarded at the ADDYs and ADCMW Annual Show. She likes unicorns.

  • Ashleigh is an art director at Rock Creek SM, working on-site with a VIP client conjuring up all sorts of creative shenanigans. She is also the VP of AIGA DC and gets shit done.

  • Nick is a type addict, turned front-end designer who works with entertainment, nonprofit, & startup clients — he is product design consultant at Whitmoyer, mentor at Fortify Ventures, & Refresh DC organizer. He likes whistles & puppies.

  • While his ethnicity is unknown to mankind, Tucker works as a freelance model and is a part-time copywriter at nclud. He sleeps ruffly eighteen hours a day and barks with an accent. He'll sniff out the best designer!

The Battlefield

Music by
DJ Maskell
Hosted by
at nclud 1424 K St NW, 3rd Floor

Doors open at 6:30PM, first round begins at 7PM.

Yes, there will be food & booze.

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