Breaking the browser.
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Google approached nclud when we were doing what we do best: pushing the envelope of what's possible in a modern web browser. After the development and release of nclud's Beercamp 2012 site, there was quite a buzz going in the web development community based on our experiment to create a 3D rendered pop-up book entirely in Javascript and CSS.

Nothing like it had been created before, but there was one big problem: while the site was certainly revolutionary (and 100% standards compliant), it wasn't working properly in the Google Chrome browser. The Chrome team took notice and contacted us to work with them to create a patch for the browser. The resulting patch allowed the Beercamp site to work as intended and squashed a huge rendering bug in Chrome.

User Experience

Making a good first impression was critical to the Chromebook user experience.

This collaboration led Google to hire nclud to tackle another problem that they had been struggling with: the sign-up process for the Google Chromebook. Because Chromebooks rely on an entirely internet-based operating system, the first user experience a purchaser of a new Chromebook has is to be funneled through establishing a connection with an internet service provider. Unfortunately, users were struggling with the configuration wizard that greeted them when they first powered on their device. The result was tech support call volume to the Google Chrome support team that was higher than it should have been. nclud stepped in to analyze the existing user experience and process flow, and redesigned the experience to allow for a much more intuitive and user-friendly process. The results were overwhelming. Support calls dropped by more than 30% and the average time users spent between purchase and completed ISP configuration dropped by more than 23% once the newly designed process was implemented.

Google Chromebook Chrome


Google asked us to push the envelope of modern browser technology.

Our success partnering with Google on both the Chrome browser and Chromebook led to many more projects and a long standing partnership with Google. Fittingly, some of those projects brought us right back the original foundation of our relationship, when Google asked nclud to develop experimental showcases of what's technically possible on the web using the Chrome browser. Those showcases were used to demonstrate the Chrome browser's capabilities at the Google I/O conference.

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