Website Redesign

With a future-forward approach to the traditional stock market, Nasdaq has always been known as a technological leader and financial newsmaker that serves as a “catalyst to success.” Today, it offers products and services from infographic case studies to market news and valuable data. So it was surprising to see that Nasdaq’s website had fallen behind the curve, looking outdated, cluttered, confusing, and in some instances, inaccessible.

Considering that hundreds of thousands of users interact with the site each day, including an ever-growing number of mobile users, Nasdaq needed to increase the market value of its user experience – and quickly.

Our challenge was to revamp Nasdaq’s web site to not only be eye-catching and attention-grabbing to busy, distracted users, but easier for those same users to interact with and get to the content they want. So for all intents and purposes, we were about to create the sizzle and cook the steak.

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Between the brief and our own audit of Nasdaq’s existing site, we identified several key issues to be addressed, including a cluttered, outdated design; content that was difficult to scan; a lack of mobile user optimization; and confusion surrounding the feature users want most: stock search.

Our overall goals were to make stock search more prominent, utilize negative space for clearer content contrast, and create prominent callouts to make it easy for users to scan content.

Our approach was a combination of design, usability, and development to ensure that we could accomplish each of those goals.

Mobile Applications

In addition to redesigning the website, our team redesigned NASDAQ's suite of mobile applications, including iOS, Android, and mobile web. The project included a comprehensive research phase and user experience overhaul, with validation including A/B testing and focus groups.

NASDAQ Website Redesign
NASDAQ Website Redesign Wireframes
NASDAQ Mobile Application Design


Not only was Nasdaq pleased with the success of the new-look mobile and desktop web experience, they leveraged our UX findings, brand treatment and design choices when rebranding all of Nasdaq in the months that followed.

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